Mystara – sweet comfort (complete chat log)

[21:33] Imryll dragged herself slowly into the tavern. Taking a deep breath she swept her eyes over the whole room before stepping further, extending her hand to grab the sack on her waist.
[21:34] Tre has to wait and listen to the two talk, but will continue on with business as usual, a glance to Scar..”Would you like tea tonight?” and a wave given to Imryll, “Come in come in, feel free to call out orders for food or drink”
[21:34] Darius Vielle snorts with amusement remembering the last time he drank some hornets nests. Glancing around and not happy with the growing crowd and the way it might interfer with the delicate conversation he has been trying to have. Looking to Kae, he says. “My spell is one of protection. You saw me bind the talisman with blood the other night. I have worked to protect our dear friend in the best ways I know how Kae.” The words spill from his lips easily as he studies the dragon, the sentiment sincere even if the whole truth was omited. “If your unhappy about something Kae, perhaps you should consider the fact that Tre may be in danger without a lot of help.”
[21:36] ??? ‘s eyes would flicker a bit brighter under her fringe as her lips tightened a bit as the right side curved up into a wicked little smile. Seeing the drowess move closer towards her her brow would arch ever so delicatley as the movements of her body still remained calm and fluid, almost regal. Amirah would be gin to speak, her voice silken and sweet, almost etherial in its sound, a sound that would be ever so sweet to any mortals ears, which she used to her advantage when she needed to get her way, they were so simple anyway and she really ididnt care. But alas the woman stood before her making rather bold statements withing the confines of the square “Indeed I am a curious creature, at least that is what i have been always told, and clever to boot”
[21:38] Serenity Jelasco paces around in a small circle, keeping tabs on who was coming in or out of the Tavern. Her extremeties already tingled and began to feel heavy, but did nothing yet to temper the sharp disappointment she felt inside. She knocked back some more, savouring the potent honey aftertaste on her lips.
[21:38] Imryll hobbled slowly toward the bar as she listened to the tender. “All right” she said in a muffled voice as she bobbed at what appeared to be a dragon larva as her own way of showing a humble respect, then perced herself onto a stool. Finally Imryll lowered the mask and her muffled voice became clear. “Can I have a cup of hot tea? …..My throat feels so sore I can hardly speak.”
[21:39] ??? stares Darius in the eyes as he talks, alert for any dishonesty. “What does spell do?” still, the youngling ceases his outright threat display, fangs covering and the electric humming ceasing. “Elg you should haff asked permission.”
[21:40] Tre smiles and nods, moving over to the flame and the heated water she always has going. A bobble already prepared full of the herbs and such that she makes her green teas with. As it steeps she’ll continue to listen to Kae, knowing she can always trust in his protective nature over her and trying not to feel indebted to him. She’ll add a dollop of honey as the woman says her throat hurts, and place it before her. “That’s two coppers please..” and a glance to Serenity..”Might I ask what is troubling you?”
[21:42] Serenity Jelasco’s jaw set defiantly, knowing this was probably the wrong place to vent. “Just.. just got made to feel about an inch tall, I’m angry.. mostly at myself for being so gullible.” The woman’s eyes were dark as she went on. “An I had all these grand ideas of actually dancing and having fun today.”
[21:45] Tre smiles softly at the girls words and nods, “I hear you there, but you should not get angry, those that make us try to feel worse about ourselves are the ones who feel bad about themselves, and have no way to strike out than to make us feel it too. Lift your chin proudly for who and what you are, and show that person that they have no power over you.”
[21:45] Imryll received the cup of tea from the tender saying “Thanks,” then placed 2 copper coins onto the bar sliding them toward the tender slowly. She blew on tea to cool it down a bit then took a sip. “Ah, refreshing….and sweet. Guess you added syrup or something,” She smiles before taking another sip from the cup.
[21:48] Tre nods, “I did indeed, a dollop of honey, it should soothe the ache away.” and she scoops up the coin and breathes out, her body finally feeling normal again even though she’s still got his taste on her tongue
[21:48] Serenity Jelasco hoisted what was left of her Hornets nest in a toast. “Sounds like wise words to me, I’ll drink to those..” She steeled herself for the potent kick at the bottom and knocked the rest back. “But in the meantime, the little bugger aint around and I’ma let off steam dagnabit. I deserved to have a good time today and I’ll find it somehow.”
[21:49] Darius Vielle rolls his eys as the dragon persists in its hostile show. “The spell will bolster Tre’s defenses against whatever is attacking her at night. There is a blood bond, that will allow me to help in her nightly battles.” Again the statement rings of truth, the wizard was crafty after practicing for so many years in his profession. Secrecy and half truths are the majority of the weapons this hedgewizard had at his dispoal and he was a master at his work. “Everything I have done will benefit Tre. She is as safe from her current trouble with the demon with me as she is with you.” Lets out a slow weary breath as if the suspicion and threats are just one more curse his lot must bare. “Kae I thought you and I were getting to be friends. I’m shocked to think you fell I might harm Tre.” Offers a shy glace at the woman. “I’ve done nothing but try to be her friend since we met, and maybe something more…” A frown flits across his face as he thinks about Tres statement about him being another woman’s land.
[21:52] Tre visibly winces at how that drink must burn, but wil lwait to see if she wishes more, her green gaze moving to light on Darius and Kae. She hears blood bond and has no clue what it means, nor that anything untoward is being discussed, “I do feel safe with him Kae , as with you. Nothing may happen to put me in danger, it’s just this sense of foreboding I have, and it’s frightening. I slept very well last night.” she won’t tell him of the heated dreams, she’d already told Darius. Then she’ll spot Ilmari and smile, “Greetings..” but the man flickers out like a firefly and she shakes her head, as if she’s having visions
[21:53] Imryll rolled tea onto her tongue keeping her eyes closed for a while to enjoy the sweetness, “Ah, I thought so.” She replied before she went calm inclining her ears to what other guests were saying. She paid attention to what races were in the tavern but not what was talking about, now it wouldn’t hurt to concentrate on listening for a while.
[21:53] ??? lets his frills drop to normal, “Ieo had ask. Blood haff power, elg ieo will no see Tre hurt. Darius should haff asked permission, then ieo would not haff made mad when Tre behafing strange.” the youngling trots back behind the bar with a chirp.
[21:55] Tre crouches down and looks into Kae’s eyes, her own not showing any concern at all. “Are things ok then Kae?” she asks, almost as if she needed his blessing or something, but sheesh, he could tell things she could not. “And remember blood has no power, I’m but a human.”
[21:56] Serenity Jelasco huffed and puffed, trying to suck in into a raw hot throat and blinking rapidly. “Oi.. that will clear your sinuses in a right hurry.” The heaviness took her knees, making the halfling teeter slightly and clutch the edge of the bar. Her unruly strands of hair bobbed around as her eyes search for the bard, she could have sworn she saw her…
[21:58] Darius Vielle lets out a slow breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding. While he was confident he could best a hatchling if pressed, the problem was he did like Kae and knew that to fight one dragon was to mark himself as an outlaw. Standing he offers a stiff formal bow to Tre and the hatchling and says in a stutering embarrassed manner. “I think I should take my leave now. I’m sorry for any misunderstanding Kae.” The dark brown eyes slip over to Tre and linger for a moment. “You will be hearing from me soon, I think we still have much to discuss.”
[21:59] Tre swallows as she feels Darius gaze and hopes he never goes after a dragon, that would cause her emotions to die for anyone, the dragons are more and more like her totem as time goes on. She’ll feel a grin curl up her lips as she nods to him, “I would…like to hear from you soon. Thank you.”
[22:00] ??? purrs softly, “He no lie. Ward be to protect Tre. Darius be good still.” he noses into her arms.
[22:01] Tre grins as she hears such and almost bounces “Good good…now are you hungry ?
[22:04] Darius Vielle turning he strides from the room his robes swishing quietly as his many talismans and trinkets jingle together.
[22:07] ??? bounces withher, happiness catching, “A’na. Ieo had fish but ieo hungry again affter itshing-scratshing.” Tre might have noticed if she weren’ so flustered that the spikes and plates on his face had fallen off, leaving only the soft scales.
[22:08] Imryll was kind of being shifty-eyed as she was listening to the conversation going on between inside and outside the bar, once heading backward when the short girl beside her tottered. Still she remaind calm until she drank tea to the last drop, then stood up turning her eyes toward the tender. “Thanks, it tasted well and” her voice now became muffled again as she pulled up the mask “my throat feels better. – time to leave.”
[22:08] Serenity Jelasco eyes follow the jingling out and watch the human lady enter. She waggled her fingers in greeting and paced another little circle before teh bar.
[22:09] Tre will start to notice things now damn it, but that was a flustering RP! And she’d grin at the dragon and nod, “I have a delicious stew going as well as an orange pudding from your mom’s oranges” but as she spots Morwen she’ll smile to her and speak out, “Greetings your Majesty, we’re honored to have you in here.”
[22:09] Galawen Adasia clears her throat and curtsies “Your Grace”
[22:11] Morwen would turn and nod her head and offer a small small to the woman who actually just called her “Your Grace”! and would wave to Tre at the bar… “I seem to have lost Gadget, so I guess I’ll be buying me own rum tonight…” she said with a laugh.
[22:11] Galawen Adasia looks nervous “With your permission, I should like to introduce myself.” smiles
[22:12] Morwen would turn to address the woman who wished to speak to her. She’d smile and wait politely.
[22:12] ??? hops up on the bar and settles there happily. His lessons with Nani had been dragging him away from the bar so much recently, “May ieo haff orange pudding please?”
[22:13] Galawen Adasia: “I-I apologize, am I not addressing the Queen?” she asks as she blushes deep red
[22:14] Tre chuckles and shakes her head, “You’ll not be buying drinks in here, don’t be silly” and as she gets busy with the other girl, she’ll move to fix Kae a nice sized bowl of the sweet orange pudding, a generous portion of the candied orange peel cracklings she’d made to go over top. As she places it before him she’ll also turn to get a goblet ready for Morwen’s rum
[22:14] Morwen laughed lightly and widened her eyes. “Well yes, miss, you are but as it’s my first day as being coroneted as such, I’m still getting used to it. Now, what do you wish to speak to me about?” she asked politely
[22:15] Imryll gave massages to her thigh and lower legs before walking. Seeing the dragon larva coming withing the sweep of her eye she bowed at him/her respectfully then lieving a smile at the tender she hobbled out the tavern.
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