Golgothica – what a pup learnt (complete chat log)

[22:03] Ursula ran up a little loud with her bare feet stepping and scraping onto the ground.. She would sniff a little rudely at this demon, she was only curious “Who are you ?” she’d begin to squint, examining it appeared.
[22:06] Without saying a word Valthus cranes his head around almost 180 degrees to face and check someone who interrupts his moment of solitude. “Do I need to introduce myself to someone who sneaks up from behind?” He scoffs.
[22:07] Ursula eye’s open’d wide for a moment but she easily calmed.. Not somthing new honestly. “Yes !” she snarled a little in her tone. .. Gruffing at him while she lightly swayed for no reason.
[22:10] Valthus’ eyes flashes a glare listening to the girl and eventually he turned his body to face the girl. Casting an evaluating look at her down from the tor up to the top he crosses his arms in front of his chest. “Someone should’ve taught how to behave.” He mutters in a low, muffled voice.
[22:12] Ursula stomped the flat of her foot to the ground and rose back up to the tips of her toes “Agh! .. Who are you.. Simple put.” she ventured on around him.. If only he wasnt against the wall she would circle him.. Acting a little abnormally feral like.
[22:16] Valthus Darkshade: huffs a dry laugh. “Ha,” his eyes keep fixed on the girl as she moved a little closer to him. “Who is me…. an interesting question, actually I am starting to wonder if you are giving me some kind of riddle.” Suddenly he edges up just few inches away from the muzzle of the beast she is wearing on her head. He attempts to look deep into her face from down below to check what the girl actually looks like.
[22:17] Ursula looked up, she felt a little towered over from him.. “You are TALL.” she was still proclaiming to be rude.. Her lower lip poked out a little, cheeks puffed out as if pouting, she wanted to get his name.. Atleast get to learn about one of the demons. She didn’t back away, she actually felt like she was the dominate one in this situation..
[22:22] Valthus Darkshade slightly hums as he looks into the girl’s face. “And you are damn small, you little – ” he cuts a glance at the fangs dangling just ahead of the girl’s forehead, “-puppy. Did anyone not teach you what you should do when sighting a demon or resemblance?” He snorts with amusement as he extend his huge arms attempting to grab her by around her waist.
[22:26] Ursula quirked a brow when he told her such thing .. She scooted fowards almost like a challenge when he grabbed her waist. Her head still tilted up to look up at him “Well of course.. Although I’m just trying to ..” she would pause and take a deep breath “Find out your damn name!” she’d snort at him and looked down.. The nose of the pelt she wore bumped his chest.
[22:33] Valthus Darkshade starts chuckling, occasionally licking at a side of his lips with his biforked snakelike tongue as he finds he is successful to grab the girl firmly by her waist with his both hands. Feeling the bumping pressure of her head and pelt on his chest he puts a little more muscle to every single finger of his hands to keep her even more firmly. “I wonder,” He looks up in the sky for a moment then continues “If it is a current trend of this island or some kind of plot that every female human I run into tries to obtain my name. Seriously, what’s the point in getting my name out of my mouth?”
[22:36] Ursula she’d look up again with a curious look “I need to know your name incase I may be shouting it to you.” she would cackle a little and shrug her shoulders up. Eye’s peering up at him still watching him stare at the sky looking mindless..
[22:41] “Hm. Interesting. Now I wonder what the situation would be that you definitenly need to shout my name – perhaps some situation like to tell me the meal is ready?” He laughs through his nose, still holding the girl in his arms. “You are lucky as I am not in a too bad mood at the moment like the other day…..well, you never know,” he mumbles something under his breath. “You could address me as whatever you like except vulgar ones. I suggest ‘Val’ in case you are extremely poor in imagination.”
[22:43] Ursula huffed lightly to him and moved her head back down, staring at the skin of his chest.. Which led her to grow eager to do somthing her little instincts told her to do. “Fine .. Val ..” she peered up but only seen the muzzle of the wolf pelt.. Then her mind went back to what she was going to do. Moving her mouth close making her pelt move back a little as she nursed her lips to his chest, nipping her front teeth at the skin trying to suckle on it.. She only did this to leave a mark but only if his skin wasnt hard as a rock..
[22:50] Valthus curves his lips yet not bending brows nor showing any sign of disgust as he notices the puppy girl’s biting on his chest. “Ah, maybe you haven’t left your mother’s breast yet?” He scoffs with an abrasive laugh, as he almost enjoys the pressure given on his chest y the girl’s teeth. He puts a little more muscle on the fingers grabbing her waist, harder enough to leave fingernail marks on around there. An eye for an eye, some nailmarks for some bitemarks.
[22:54] Ursula furrowed her brows while she suckled harshly onto the little patch of skin .. Pulling her lips back to make a loud pop noise. Snickering she’d lean foward away and blow onto the saliva coated spot.. Making it have a icey hot effect on him.. The fingernails being dug into her hips made her body tense a little.
[23:01] Valthus Darkshade drops his eyes in a modest manner at his own chest, the very part the puppy girl suckled on. Small, periodic tooth marks start swelling a bit, making the part feel like a burn wound. “Hmmm.” He licks his chops periodically as if he is enjoying the unexpected sansation aroused by the chest pain. “Such a mischievous puppy you seem like.” He slides down the hands from her waist now down below, fumbling the way to her bottom.
[23:06] Ursula began to giggle now .. More amused now that he was sliding his hands down to her bottom .. Arching her back a little instinctivly to him. Looking back up at him “Of course !” she grinned a little, she had a few sharp teeth and a few dull human teeth.. “I am called by Ursula..” she nods, giving him her whole name at the least..
[23:12] “Ursula,” Valthus repearts and moevs his mouth as if trying to consume her name. “Such a polished name for a mischievous puppy, huh?” He shows a faint smile when his hands eventually makes their way down through to her bottom. Not getting his fingernails onto them this time but giving caressing-like massages he opens his mouth still looking down at Ursula’s head and pelt. “So what do you want from me now, little puppy.” Damn, he still calls her that way even though he knows her name for now.
[23:15] Ursula shivered lightly to see such mouth movements. She poked her tailend out for him to be more available for grabs .. “Well .. ” she huffed lightly, her mouth opening as if phanting a little “I’m not sure what you know about us ‘puppys’.” she smirked a bit and wiggled her hips left to right to shift her little plump end in his hands..
[23:21] “Little I can get to know, as well as anyone else. There are vicious, savage ones almost unable to interact with,” Valthus keep massaging Ursula’s bottom with one hand while other hand starts tracing up toward her spine, attempting giving her an perceptional arousal. “And there are sweeter, tricksy ones like the one I am talking to.” He stands flat againt the puppy girl.
[23:24] Ursula nodded to him and would try to move herself back now.. Despite the grab to her ass she would atleast try to back away. Reaching her hands up to grab the muzzle of the pelt and tug it down a little bit “Yes yes.. You are correct on that.” she would giggle and grin .. Face hidden a little more now that she looked down.. But kept tugging backwards
[23:30] “And you know what, I’m totally not sure what you would know about our kind, ‘demons.’ You thought there would be few of sweeter, angel-like ones amongst us didn’t you?” Valthus notices now the puppy girl instinctively tries to move her body a little away from him as he inches up, which he is not gonna approve. “For our kind, that’s not the case.” Out of the dark-blue sky he extends his free arm toward her legs still holding the bottom cheek with other hand, attempting to lift her tiny body up onto his shoulder.
[23:34] Ursula began to whine at him.. Despite what he would say “I thought nothing of it ..” she looked up at him with big eye’s. Raising up as he lifted her.. Pouncing herself over his shoulder and curling herself that way as if she where a sloth lazeing over a branch.. Clinging herself over him “Leading me the way out?” she said in a hopeful tone.
[23:38] “That could happen unless I were a demon but other kinds of inhabitants here,” Valthus chuckles feeling a sense of satisfaction being successful to hold the light-weighed girl on his bulging right shoulder muscles. “A mischievous puppy needs to be taught – how to behave. You know what I mean.” He shows a grin at Ursula, tapping small welts on his chest with his left hand fingers.
[23:41] Ursula whimperd to him quietly .. Leaning upright a little to push lips to his horn.. Giving it a light kiss “I’m sorry .. Pup just wanted to mark you.. Can she go now?” she huffed against him and slouched her body back over his shoulder..
[23:45] “She can go, only – ” He now lifts up his left hand to hold the puppy girl more firmly onto his shoulders. ” – after she gets a lesson she deserves.” He makes his way toward the large doors. A strong kicking-up would help him a lot to walk through as his hands are full to grab the puppy girl at the moment.
[23:47] Ursula whined a little more at him .. Curling over his neck a bit so that she could lap her tongue over his neck .. “Pups sorry ..” she muttered quietly. Body lightly squirming but she did not put much effort into fighting her way of leaving him… Would be rather pointless.
[23:55] Ursula’s intermissive licking of his body parts – horn, and now his neck – seems to shift the demon’s mindset a little. Feeling the smoothness of the tongue coming and going on his neck Valthus cranes his head to look into the puppy’s vibrant eyes. “I am going to bring you downstairs, deep down to the basement to give the puppy a whip or two,” his snakelike tongue is sticking out to lick the top of her nose, “but I may have the second thought if the puppy showed the demon her utmost apology pledging not to try to make fun of him again.” He continues to look into the puppy’s face.
[00:00] Ursula she gave a little concern in her expression.. “No, no .. Puppy promises not to be mean to the demon again.” she began to chew on her lip rings.. Her eye’s giving him the puppy dog eye effect to him.. Her vocals letting out little whimpers. “Puppy doesn’t need whippings..” if she had a tail it would be curled inbetween her legs right about now.
[00:09] Valthus Darkshade bends his ears in an amusing manner as he hears whimpering of Ursula’s apology right beside his head. “Hm. It appears the puppy is smart enough to learn something out of what she has done. Again, you know how lucky you are.” Valthus makes a slow move to lifts Ursula down on the ground with a thud, just like lifting logs down from shoulders. “For whipping and torturing, I’ve always liked women with more round body anyway.” He chuckles gesturing a shape of pear in the air. “Now – leave, before the demon changes his mind again.” He casts his glance at the door, then shift it at the puppy girl in silence.
[00:11] Ursula waved her feet just from above the ground .. Standing upright rather happy looking and then sad as she leaned close with her hands pressing to his chest. “What if pup can just stay a little longer?” she poked her lower lip out and stared at him as she spoke.. Trying to keep herself close despite he warned her..
[00:15] Valthus Darkshade lifts up his right pointing finger, moving it toward his chest to point at the tooth marks resting there. “If the puppy persists to stay here,” he twirls his finger to trace the marks, “Then the puppy would have much larger, severe welts on her back than I have here. You like to have ’em on your tiny scarless skin?”
[00:16] Ursula sighed lightly and meanly shoved her hands to his stomach and backed away. “Fine ! Pup will find you and give a more bigger noticable mark..” she’d growl like she was having a little hissy fit. Turning to walk off .. “Bye Val! ” she muttered
[00:18] Valthus chuckles. “If you can,” he touches his chin as the puppy girl walks off, now on a bit sugar high. That was not the worst way to pass the time, after all.
[00:19] Ursula turned and would lean over.. Wagging her tail end at him a few times and darted off.. Not very far, she ventured in the castle to pick on someone else maybe.. Or laze.
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