Golgothica – gate for seduction (complete chat log)

[16:47] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): “Hooof!”
[16:48] Valthus Darkshade snaps out of his trance, opening one eye to check who came nearby.
[16:50] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): leans forward, putting a hand on each side and peeks at the man.
[16:50] After giving a sizing-up look from the top of her head down to heels Valthus lets out a snort. “Well, greetings kindred. Glad this time it’s not a human stalker girl who dares to stand in front of me out of the dark gloomy sky.” He murmurs.
[16:51] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she smiled a little, in a bit of a dorkishly way really. tipping her head to the side slowly ” and if i was, what would you have done?”
[16:54] Valthus Darkshade: huffs a chuckle. “Well those girls dashed away when I edged up them, but I would have brought ‘em back to the castle for some fun if they were a bit slower enough.”
[16:55] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she had to let out a little laugh ” i see i see…. was a lucky shoot i got over then.” she stretched a little while peeking the male demon over
[16:58] Valthus Darkshade scratches at the back of his head. “I’m fed up with it, but almost every human girl who bumped into my chest desperately tried to obrain my name. Which I never told ‘em anyway though. It’s a stupid thing to tell your real name to anyone easily, it could be used for dark magic, cursing, ritual and such.”
[17:00] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she smiled at the male demon, ” that’s not a bad way to think though… it only makes you safe longer” she said, a little smile crossed over her lips, making her look a bit dorkishly once more. ” maybe they just like you fast, and feel like knowing your name”
[17:02] Valthus Darkshade chuckles softly keeping his glaring eye at the demoness. “Ha – they would have let me grab their waist if they did like me. Poor girls, they missed the chance to have some fun…..” he licks his lips with his biforked long tongue. “……or torment.”
[17:03] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she looked up at him a little, her face didn’t show to many exspession of joy, sadness nor anything. “how come you only want to play with villagers then?” she gazed over the biforked long tongue.. ” I mean..aren’t demons any fun?”
[17:07] Inadvertently Valthus’ body starts hovering just a few inches above the rooftop. His whole body moves slowly forward and eventually he floats just in front of the demoness. “Well?” He huffs a chuckle. “Did I say I liked only human girls?” He slowly grounds on the rooftop again, wich a small thud.
[17:08] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she smiled a little looking up at the hovering body. as he landed her eyes opned a little wide, she weren’t used to being close nor letting anyone go near her.. “the way you spoke, made me think so” she said, still peeking at the male who were only a few inches away.
[17:12] Remaining cross-legged Valthus stretches his back, to tower over the demoness. He lifts up his arm, to run his pointing finger over each horns growing on her head – one by one in a caressing manner. “Well then you just guessed it wrong. Remember what those seven sins humans wrote in their books about?” An evil grin emerges in the face, his hands still tracing the horns.
[17:14] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she let out a low chuckle as he caressed his own horns, she found them rather beautiful. shake slowly shaked her head to snap out of the gaze as she turned to face him agian, “what about them?” she said wondering.
[17:18] Valthus’ fingers now moving from the root of the demoness’ horns down to her forehead, starting to passing his fingers through her hair. “Well they are Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride……” He extends his left big arm, atttempting to grab her by the waist to hold her closer. “…..Demons like all those seven consepts. Lust is actually my favorite.” He chuckles.
[17:22] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): her cheeks turned slightly redishly, but warm as his fingers moved around her horn and to her forehead, it was easy to see she got a little shy when he ran his fingers through her hair. she still keept on listening, “envy?” was the only word she wanted to ask something off still. a small gasp came from within her lips as he pulled her closer with his left arm.. it was easy to sence that he was strong. she simply kept gazing back at him wanting him to explain some of it. “i believe..lust is nearly every demons favorite”
[17:26] “A nice co-incidence. Good to hear that, though it appears to me you are still not get used to enjoy ‘it’ that much…..” Valthus shows a faint smile on his face, now grabbing the demoness firmly by her waist – drawing her closer, she may feel the warmth of his chest which is sligtly wet due to the dew he caught in the woods a while ago.
[17:30] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she sighed hardly, like a moan in a way as he pulled her even closer… the warmth from his chest pressed against her chest a little, a small hint of something wet that had come across his still was still stuck… she breathed slowly, but teaseingly over his lips as she were closer to him. ” I’m not the sort that goes near..too often” she said, as she spoke her lips slowly brushed over his, just barely..
[17:36] “Hm, trying nothing and gaining nothing – you could give it a try or some more, it’s fun perhaps more than you imagine I say…..” Feeling the demoness’ lips brushing his lightly he stops speaking and moves his head a little forward, giving a little more pressure on the demoness’s lips. His biforked tongue comes out of his mouth, now trying to enter her mouth like a crafty little snake.
[17:38] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she chuckled a little, slowly letting her small hand slide up between her lips and his.. she tipped her head to the side, ” so you believe..I should try..to gain?” she said slowly. her breath still teasing though her fingers.
[17:40] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she peeked up slowly at the man with the huge hammer.
[17:41] Duc grins as he greedily stares down at the couple “Hello there, just act like I am not here”
[17:41] “Yes – trust me it’s fun, hm – it feels a little strange when we demons say something related to trust though,” Valthus scoffs now rolling his tongue back into his mouth as the demoness tips her head a bit to the side, which made a space between their lips.
[17:43] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she slowly leaned forward once more, lifting her eyebrows slowly as she whispered.. ” Is trust between demons…suddently such a bad thing?” she said, her lips now carefully brushing over his jawline as she whispered.
[17:45] Valthus Darkshade looks quickly back as he feels a shiver running up his spine. Confirming nobody is standing at his back he shifts his eyes back at the front. “Far from a bad thing for me for this case,” He hums as the demoness’ lips brushing his jaw. He puts her hair covering forehead behind her ears.
[17:48] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): a grin crossed over her lips as he put her hair behind her ears, so it would no longer cover her face.. she slowly breathed across the jawline that her lips so carefully brushed across. she whispered out slowly ” is that so?” her voice sounded wantingly..and somehow a bit exsited but still clam.
[17:51] “Sure it is ….. now could my tongue have another chance to mate the snake in your mouth – hopefully?” Valthus lets out a soft laugh, moving the position of his mouth to match where the demoness’ mouth is.
[17:52] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she simply smiled, not answering him… she watched as he moved the position of his head, like he wanted to see where she might have hidden her lips..as he did, she turned as well, to him. letting her lips carefully brush against him. her tongue slided teasefully across them to let him know the answer.
[17:56] Valthus Darkshade Valthus grins as the demoness’ tongue eventually shows up …. he lets out his own tongue to coil around hers, brushing the sides of her lips from time to time. His right hand moves to the back of her head to draw her once again a bit closer to him.
[17:58] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she relaxsed, simply letting her attitude drop for a few seconds as she massaged her tongue agianst his, her fingers slowly caressed the back of his neck as he pulled her closer towards him. a little playful moan passed her lips as he did so. letting her lips part a bit more..making the kiss more passionately.
[18:02] Valthus’ tongue coiling around the demoness’ attempts to move into her mouth, to invade there. His fingers holding up her chin – strings of beaded mixed saliva would be drooping down from their lips, to his arm – down on his lap, making saliva spots there.
[18:05] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she leaned more onto him, like she enjoyed to be close. not to move her heat to much as she still keep holding it up. her fingers ran across his big strong arms, holding onto him a little as she placed herself more or less in with his legs, kissing him a little faster.. she slowly bited his lower lip a little hard for a tease, she their tongues keept fighting once another to invade each others mouths.
[18:10] “Ah, skittish teeth you’ve got,” Valthus chuckles and murmurs as the demoness bites his lower lip a bit hard – enjoying the light pain. His tongue licks in her mouth in every corner, as well as bruching her teeth one by one. His right hand moves from around her ear down to her neck, to her throat, exploring down further….
[18:13] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she still kept the kiss going, grinning as she felt how his hand exsplored her upper body.. letting light moan slip her lips as his tonuge kept playing around in her mouth, fighting hers.. she slowly let go of his lower lip. her fingers now running across the beltline.
[18:19] “Looks ripe enough to be toyed with or sucked on, huh?” Valthus murmurs still keeping his tongue coiled wround hers. His right hand moves from her throat further down, heading over to the cleavage between her fruitful breasts. Noticing the demoness’ fingers reaching his beltline a small chuckle escapes his lips. His belt buckle structure is nothing complicated, which means she could loosen the belt quite easily at any time.
[18:22] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she slowly broke the kiss as she leaned to his ear whispering, ” it would be…interesting.. to see what new you might learn me” she said, her voice still wantingful as his fingers had moved to her cleavage. her fingers were nove tucked a little deeper inside of his belt, a want to open it grew bigger.. she chuckled.
[18:27] Valthus Darkshade rolls his long tongue slowly back into his mouth as he listens the demoness’ whispering in his ear, a faint smile still lingering on his face. After her whisper he moves – this time his mouth – to her ear in return to whisper, “Awesome to hear that…. would you like to have a ‘lesson’ here in public – surrounded by those poor little things :::his eyes quickly scan the ground down below::: – or would you prefer a little more private, quiet place?” He whispers, in a low husky, a bit muffled voice.
[18:29] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she smiled, a shiver moving up her back as he whispered to her… “i’m more of the private person and also mabye quiet at first” she said looking back at the male demon. ” what sort of lesson could you offer?”
[18:30] Ash Doomsayer gazes up to Rin. “There you are. Come down there, I must bring you back to the Castle like I promised your Mother!” he wonders what she does there anyway.
[18:31] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she rubbed the back of her head, turning slightly red in her cheek as she hanged with her head. “Must I?” she called down to him.
[18:31] Valthus Darkshade shows a grin at her, getting off his knees. He holds her upper arm trying to lift her up on the rooftop. He cuts a glance at downward then shifts his eyes back to her. “Your friend?”
[18:32] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she stood up and made a little sigh, “Friend, and trusted…babtysitter” she giggled a bit from it.
[18:32] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): “Nearly like a dad” she giggled.. but mabye closer to an uncle. she got confused with her own words..
[18:33] Ash Doomsayer sighs. “Yes, I had to promise.” he gazes to the Guy. “I must bring her home now, you can continue tommorrow with your Chat.” he sighs a bit annoyed.
[18:34] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she gently nodded to the male demon. “later then” she giggled and followed it by a hard sigh, getting ready to slide down to Ash.
[18:35] Valthus Darkshade stares at the man in a black outfit for a while then turns back at the demoness. “It seems better to reschedule the ‘lesson’ I should say. You come down to him – find me in the island if you would like to know something you have yet to know.” He grins.
[18:36] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): she nodded to him with a little giggle, sitting down onto the roof to slide herself down slowly
[18:36] Rin(Chaos Rainfall): “Hooof!”
[18:37] Valthus Darkshade chuckles watching the demoness sliding down the roof, then jumps down on the opposite side of the roof – he walks off making his way back to the east in the darkness.
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