Nomos – prudence



Club PrimalでRachelの姿を見なくなって暫く経ちました。新しいマネジメント・LouのもとPrimalは再び活況を呈し始めています。パーティのあるところ、drugの需要あり…ということでLaylaはこの日、Primalで行われたパーティをのぞくことにしました。非合法ゆえにストリートでおおっぴらに取引出来ないVenomは、儲けは大きいものの監獄入りしたくなければ売買の場所は慎重に選択する必要があります。


[07:02] Meg Ronmark [Layla] taps the barcounter playfully. “Can I have a glass of Salty Dog here?”
[07:05] Linu Zhangsun nods to Layla and pulls up a glass infront of her wipping her hands from the coffee that smudged on to her fingers, pours anothe weight of vodka in to the and grape juice in to the glass as the finsihes it with thesalt “here you go hun”




[07:16] Meg Ronmark [Layla] drinks up the rest of the cocktail in a single gulp then stands up putting the emptied glass now onto the counter. “Thanks for the drink and great mood, I enjoyed ’em – will be back soon” She smiles before she weaves her way through the people around toward the entrance.




~ by Meg Ronmark on November 6, 2010.

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