Nomos – general’s offer



[7:51] Chandler Namir [Chandler ~ Unit 28]: Hello miss.
[7:51] Meg Ronmark [Layla] snaps out of her trance and looks up. “Hello, greetings.”
[7:51] Meg Ronmark [Layla] : “Can I help you?”
[7:52] Chandler Namir [Chandler ~ Unit 28] shrugs “Just stopping in to say hello. Doing my rounds.”
[7:53] Meg Ronmark [Layla] : “Ah okay. I’m working here, on an early shift.”

Psychedelic Underground(以下Psyche)で店の早番をしていました。普通のミュージックソフトを買いに来た客の相手、合法麻薬のRootの販売。それに非合法モノのドラッグを求めてやって来た客の応対です。と言っても朝は客もまばらで、のんびりしていました。

[7:54] Chandler Namir [Chandler ~ Unit 28] extends his hand “I am General Scott, by the way. And you are?”
[7:54] Meg Ronmark [Layla] extends her hand toward General Scott, to shake hands. “Name is Layla. Glad to meet you, sir.”

早朝からとあるミーティングに参加していたというこの男性。疲れを感じたので、PsycheでRootを買って行こうと思い立ち見回りがてら入店してきたそうです。G$10でRootを彼に販売しました。男性はGeneral ScottとLaylaに名のりました。Laylaも自己紹介を行いました。

[7:56] Chandler Namir [Chandler ~ Unit 28] looks at the girl curiously “Are you not a cyborg yourself?”
[7:57] Meg Ronmark [Layla] : “Well, sort of.” She stretches in a languid manner. “I’m something like …. a conversion maniac. Conversion of my own body, I mean.”
[7:59] Chandler Namir [Chandler ~ Unit 28] nods “Well, it looks like very nice work. I’m a Genetic Engineer in addition to leading the Borg here on Nomos. So you’re a dealer?”
[8:00] Meg Ronmark [Layla] nods quietly as a reply to General’s question. “Dealing with music software in various formats too. DDAS, DDVS, good old Compact Disc, you name it.”

『そうか。改造は非常に上手く進んでいるようだね、見た所。私はこのNomosの街で、the Borgというグループを率いているのだ。遺伝子工学者でもあるのだよ。で、君はここで働いているディーラー(麻薬密売業者)という訳かね』

[8:02] Chandler Namir [Chandler ~ Unit 28] nods “it’s a good industry. I was in it myself a while ago. Well, if you are a cyborg as you say, albeit a different sort of cyborg, would you like to join the Borg? My operation here in Nomos is called T.H.I.E.F.S. Cyborg Marine Corps. we are what you would call the elite Borg, the best.”
[8:06] Meg Ronmark [Layla] starts humming, listening to what General explains to her. After he finishes talking she opens her mouth. “Thank you for the nice offer, I, well …. it’s been just a month or two since I came down over here to Nomos, and for the time being I’d like to enjoy freedom here, alone – but I’m sure to look for you to contact once I start feeling like joining any organization. Would that be all right ?”

『音楽業界か。なかなか悪くない。私はその業界にも顔を突っ込んでいた時期もあるのだよ。さて…君がサイボーグで、他とは少し違ったサイボーグになることを望んでいるなら、私のBorgグループに加わらないか? 私のこのNomosでの活動はT.H.I.E.F.S. サイボーグ・マリン・コープと呼ばれている。我々は世間で言うところの精鋭集団なのだよ』

[8:07] Chandler Namir [Chandler ~ Unit 28] nods “Of course, it’s not obligatory to join. Feel free to join when you wish. I was merely saying that there will be an open invitation should you decide to join us.”
[8:08] Chandler Namir [Chandler ~ Unit 28] thinks “What she doesn’t know that if people don’t join vollumtarily, they will be assimilated forcibly.”





~ by Meg Ronmark on May 27, 2010.

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