Toxia – newfaces




[5:49] Syn India: Crosses his arms having knew somebody else was close by “aah now i can smell it on you…how you do ms”
[5:50] Meg Ronmark snaps out of her trance and turns around as she senses someone standing behind. “Oh you scared me a bit.” She then smiles. “Greetings mister, good early morning.”
[5:51] Syn India: Smiles tilting his head”ya very bright sun this morning it seems. So why you around here ms? You also coming around for the missions?”
[5:54] Meg Ronmark: “Missions,” Meg Ronmark raises an eyebrow, ” – so I guess you are one of our newest family, not really, I usually spend time – morning time around here as I’m an early-bird type. Nice to meet you, I’m Meg, one of Continuum Sci-Tech.” She steps a little closer to the man lifting up her hand for shaking.

工場裏でぼんやりしていたところ、黒ずくめの服の男性が近寄ってきました。最初は侵入者?と警戒しましたが、新人のひとり – LycanのSynでした。船の難破で海上を漂流し、運良く(運悪く?)Toxian Cityのある島に辿り着いた彼。安住の地を街の北東のこのエリアにもとめました。

[5:59] Meg Ronmark: “Ah, bummer….oh!” Meg Ronmark bends backwords as E.V.E. suddenly appears in front of the two, “Seems like you really like to surprise people! Morning, girl.”
[6:00] E.V.E. “giggles and rubs her forearm over her mouth licking her fur ” hi!!! Meg!”
[6:00] Syn India: “playful one it seems hmh” he’d say crossing his arms glancing at E.V.E.
[6:00] E.V.E. swishes her tial around happy to seem them both she runs around them doing acrobats she licked meg a couple oftimes even after being shocked she snuggled agiasnt her before attemtping to pounce syn
[6:02] Meg Ronmark: “Hey hey” Meg Ronmark takes a deep breath and returns her upper body to where it should be, then blinks and blinks and blinks as Diamond licks her. “OK, calm down girl – you’re getting too hyped up.”


『Hi!!! Meg!』


[6:17] E.V.E. she licked her arm her ears twitching to the soft vibrations from meg’s vocal box she looked up ” Not that I know of I think I may have been the only one affected” she looked over at the male on the bite bike “May i claw Him?”
[6:18] Meg Ronmark turns around shifting her eyes toward the man who just ran through where the three are. She speaks softly to E.V.E. “I suggest you forget about it.”
[6:18] Syn India: Coughs”hey now what i do” he’d say stepping back away from the two girls not really wanting to be clawed
[6:19] E.V.E. tilts her head to Meg ” why not? he is trepassing no?”



[6:24] Giddeon Oh: realising that they must be the only ones here, since no one else was at the main entrance, he wonders if had besy not go again, nothing to be seen or done yet, maybe later…. hearing the man Syns words, the one who drag him to mdeical, he answers wryly ‘I came to see Minx of course… or Kishsi… even Inka would be nice… but I take it they aint here? None of them? Well listen, Syn right? When you Minx, give hot wet one for me huh’…. then kicks over his motor
[6:25] Meg Ronmark steps forward slowly, toward the man on his bike – to have a better view of him. “…I think I saw you a couple of days ago early in the morning in Haven … unless my cybereyes are playing trick on me.”
[6:26] Giddeon Oh: Laughs at the andriod looking thing… ‘You cyber eyes could play all the tricks they wanted…still be right.. but then again everyone knows I live there, pretty much… ‘ narrows his eyes on her from under his glasses…’though I dont recall ever seeing you’



Giddeonは久々にオーストラリアから参戦のプレイヤーです。オーストラリアというと今はもうToxiaを去ったOmega InstituteのCEO、Ms. Omega Althouseと彼女の忠実な従者の狼男・Grrを思い出します。


~ by Meg Ronmark on April 2, 2010.

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