Toxia – up on K-Tox



(Liam, me)

Continuumのナンバースリーの地位には現在3人 – Necrosys(Artificerを統括)、Liam(Infiltratorを統括)、私(BioTechを統括) – が就いています。所用で暫く不在となっていたLiamが街に戻って来ました。
この日の朝は、Toxia SouthにあるK-Toxラジオ局屋上で彼の巨躯を発見しました。

[6:30] Liam Bonham hears footsteps close in behind him and looks behind… “Oh – Hey Meg. Long time no see” he smiled to her
[6:30] Meg Ronmark: “Got you! Enjoying the cool morning bleeze up here? Greetings.” Meg Ronmark smiles back at Liam as she sits down beside him.


(Liam, me)

[6:34] Meg Ronmark: “I’m doing well, well – had some minor troubles a couple of days ago though. Do you remember the girl called Akiye?”
[6:36] Liam Bonham nods, “Yes…I met her a few days ago actually…what happened?”


(Liam, me)

[6:51] Liam Bonham nodded raising an eyebrow slightly. “The city does have ways of keeping you on your toes, eh?” he smiled, “And we’ve not had any problems with her since?”
[6:54] Meg Ronmark: “So far, no.” Meg Ronmark shrugs her shoulders slightly as she listens to Liam. “I didn’t chase her, but Unit4 … shortly after she ran off he stormed out of the factory to have his revenge on her. I don’t know what happended to them afterwards. But seems like she’s doing okay …. at least for now, from what I heard from you.”


(Liam, me)

[6:58] Meg Ronmark: “So do I.” Meg Ronmark nods as she starnds up, dusting her ass and thigh off. “Well I’ll take a walk for a while ….. I still suggest you keep what happened to Akyie somewhere in your mind, on your next account with her. Maybe she’s totally okay now, but just in case.”
[7:00] Liam Bonham: “Yes, I’ll be careful around her.” he smiled up to Meg, “Think I’ll sit here for a while longer and sort through some of the notes I’ve been collecting since I gor back” he sorted through some scrap pieces of paper in his metal hands with a nod


ログイン障害に見舞われアバターだけがずっとToxia Southの入口に引っかかっていたLiam。Toxia SouthのSIMが再起動されたことでようやくログイン出来るようになったそうです。災難でしたね。


~ by Meg Ronmark on February 2, 2010.

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