Toxia – envious stares



(Psy, me)

[7:02] Meg Ronmark pokes Psy’s arm “Yo”
[7:02] Psychedelic Melody: “Hey, it is Meg, or metalic babe” Smiles “Hey sissy”

Continuum Sentinelの出なくなった声を直して数日後。ホテルのそばにたむろしているPackの狼をぼうっと眺めているTC Infiltrator・Psyの姿がありました。背後から腕をつんと突いて声をかけます。
『よう、Meg … 金属のかわいこちゃんと言うべきかな』

[7:07] Meg Ronmark: “I mean – He had troubles in his memory chip related with vocal configuration.”
[7:08] Psychedelic Melody nods “Yeah, i rember he had some issues. Talked to him right before you came. He seams very fine now”
[7:09] Meg Ronmark shows a relieved expression in the face. “Glad to hear that. So he has no problem with cursing people for now. ” She chuckles a bit under her breath.


(Pack werewolves)

[7:12] Psychedelic Melody laughs “Naaa, he is good. His old grumpy self” looks down the street at the wolfs and nods in that the direction “It’s mating season for them now. Damn crazy animals are having sex everywhere. Alot of wolf hormons in the air now days…..One of them even wanted to mate with me, even though i am not a wolf. Find that a little strange really…..”
[7:15] Meg Ronmark: “Maybe that’s somewhat concerned with their ‘heat’ period I guess? Not sure, cause I have a very little knowledge on zoology and such …..” Meg Ronmark gazes over to the direction Psy is watching. “But – you know, sometimes I find myself being envious of them. You know, their intimacy ….. bond of solidarity.”


おおむね人懐っこく明るい性格の揃ったPackの狼たち。ふだんは付き合いやすいです。….満月の日をのぞいて。(毎月満月の日は、Toxian Cityでは獰猛になった狼たちが街を徘徊して住人を襲うロールプレイが展開されます)


~ by Meg Ronmark on January 21, 2010.

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