Toxia – MDS



(me, Hick)


(Marc, Hick, me)

[4:29] Meg Ronmark: “Marc, this is Hick Foden, the famous street doctor in Toxia and long-term medic of the Continuum, he is the one who taught me the very basics of medical works, operations………”
[4:30] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski nods and waves “Nice to meet you Hick… Marc Marchlewski here, Continuum’s Artificer”


(Hick, me, Marc)

[4:50] Meg Ronmark: “She paralyzed me, I felt sick for more than three days after that ”
[4:50] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski checks out the image and comments “Never had the pleasure to meet this queen”
[4:50] Hick Foden: “I also have a photo of her, half buried in the street… but I can’t find it right now. I knew that she’ll return one day.”

ふたりにも私がポータルに飲み込まれた時のことを話しました。『ああ、Toxian Queenか…! 私もよく覚えているよ、昔撮った写真がまだどこかにあったはずだ…』

(Marc, Hick, me)

[5:00] Hick Foden: “I’m using the lines as huge antennas. the magnetic field will induce specific currents into the line, so I can check for those extra voltage peaks with some special electronical equipment.”
[5:02] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski nods understanding the system “Sounds Perfect, and the equipment to read these peaks, is something you have with you, or can we install or develop a software to read these peaks and print reports or alerts for us?”

MDSは “Monster Detection System”(モンスター探知システム)の略です。強い力をもつ生物の周りに発生する電磁界をToxiaの街中に張り巡らされた電線を通じて検出し、すばやく出現場所を特定するというものでした。

Hickはseasonal roleplayerとでも呼べば良いのか、RL多忙のため全く姿を現さなくなる期間があります。前回会っていたのが6月頃で、もう戻って来ないのかな?と思い始めた矢先の帰還でした。


~ by Meg Ronmark on December 5, 2009.

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