Toxia – tricks everywhere

Fish Co.の屋根の上にはドラゴンの姿が。びっくりです。

(Blueray, me)


[22:51] Meg Ronmark sniffs around the naga-shaped woman. She approaches the naga to try to rip some scales off
[22:52] Blueray Darkes sets her rattle off in warning, she maybe coiled up but she wasn’t unaware
[22:53] Meg Ronmark jumps back hearing the rattling sound. She walks around in the room restressly, still keeping an eye on the naga.
[22:54] Blueray Darkes is far too sluggish to move right now, the fire was so warm and she was enjoying its warmth. She shifted in her coils, shaking her tail now and then to keep the mutt at bay.
[22:55] Meg Ronmark sniffs a bit. She goes back and forth in the room for a while, then walks out of the library putting her tail between her thigh.
[22:56] Blueray Darkes giggles sleepily



~ by Meg Ronmark on November 1, 2009.

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