Toxia – visitor, teaser, intruder



(me, Psy, Meili, Marc)

[7:01] Meg Ronmark: “You already know her Psy?”
[7:02] Psychedelic Melody smiles “Yep, I know her, Meet my bro, Marc and my sissypoo Meg”
[7:02] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski checks out Meg, Psy then the new girl analysing her
[7:02] Psychedelic Melody: “Guys, Meili”
[7:02] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski nods “Hey!”
[7:02] Meg Ronmark: “I know her of course. She was in the Continuum in the past.”
[7:03] Psychedelic Melody nods
[7:03] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski looks back to Meg “What?”

Meiliは数ヶ月前、情報漏洩に関する諸問題から、Continuumを去っていました。 街の噂でCovenに加入したことを耳にしていましたが、Toxiaの北部では余りその姿を見かけませんでした。


[7:31] Meg Ronmark: “What about Tom, Meili, Isn’t he with you any more or do you two meet from time to time?”
[7:31] Meg Ronmark: “Or should I better ask you first, do you remember Tom?”
[7:33] Meili [Lish Bellic] blinks a few times. “Oh, you mean the big white demon Tom that gave me this necklace? He’s quite nice, and regular visitor at the shop.. Keep nagging about his crystal order.” She didtn’t remember the old Tom at all or the feeling she had for him either.

彼女の保護者で恋人であったShadowsの悪魔・Tomはその後どうしたの、と私が尋ねるとMeiliからは『えーと?ああ、私にネックレスをくれた大きくて白い悪魔のことを言っているの?いい人よ。よく(VooDoo) Shopに顔を見せるわ』とあさっての方向の返答が返ってきました。

(Marc, Meili, me, Gally, Psy)

[7:36] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski points with his thumb back to the factory “This is the proper place to repair you… …you should receive a better care. Not only repair.. but many other enhancements you wish”
[7:37] Meg Ronmark: “Wait, Marc.” Meg Ronmark breaks in.
[7:38] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski looks to Meg “Yes Meg?”
[7:40] Meg Ronmark: “Her repair – it sould be left the hands of the Coven for now. Besides ….” Meg Ronmark stammers for a while. “Well I’ll tell you later.”
[7:40] Meili [Lish Bellic] looks a bit confused and scratches her head. “Ooookay..” She then turned towards Marc. “You mean I’m welcome here? If I need help that is? I’m not sure why but my sisters urged me to never go here alone.. That’s why I was standing a bit away..”
[7:41] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski smirks to Meili “Well.. you deservers a better treatment… …but first.. you should join us!”
[7:41] Meg Ronmark captures Meili this time with a bit harder glance. “I should say it would be better for you listen to what your sisters say.”
[7:42] Meg Ronmark: “Marc, do I need to repeat what I said?” Meg Ronmark says sternly.


(Meili, Marc, me, Psy)

[7:43] Meili [Lish Bellic] shook her head. “Ehm.. Thanks for the kind offer.. But..” She eyed towards Meg. “I’m not sure everyone would agree with it.. I seem to have a troublesome past here.. And besides.. I already have a family that takes care of me..” She took a step away, shying away a little.
[7:45] Meg Ronmark: “Well,” Meg Ronmark looks at Meili’s eyes intently. “Some may agree with it, but you can count me out.”
[7:47] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski keeps checking meili looking for signs of her cybernetic parts
[7:50] Meili [Lish Bellic] looks down oon her shoes and sighed. “No worries, I’m not going to leave my family behind.. I might have just told the bad parts but they mean a lot to me… even Joenta..” She fiddles with her fingers. “I should probably.. go now… Sorry is I wasted anyones time.. Feel free to drop by the shop if you need anything.. or just want to talk..” She turned around and started walking slowly back to the voodooshop.
[7:51] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski looks to Meili “Look for me if you need something”
[7:51] Meg Ronmark: “Marc, I need to talk to you later”
[7:51] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski looks to Meg and nods “All right”
[7:52] Meili [Lish Bellic] looked over her shoulder at Marc, smiling faintly. “Thank you..” She then walked away.

Meiliはため息をひとつつくと、Toxia Southの方角へ歩き去っていきました。


[7:52] Vishous Nightfire looks up at the building and mutters softly under her breath, “been awhile since I’ve been here”
[7:52] Meg Ronmark: “Hi Miss. Anything you’re looking for around here?”
[7:53] Vishous Nightfire lowers her eyes to look at the woman, “I havn’t been by in awhile, was looking to see who still resided here”
[7:53] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski looks to the lady on white staying alert
[7:53] Meg Ronmark perks an eyebrow. “Well lots of us toasters are still living here.”
[7:54] Vishous Nightfire smirks and laughs, “I was never to adapt to the Toaster bit, found it childish and rude.. ”


[8:03] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski decides to open his mouth and asks the lady “what is your goal here at the factory? Do you need something, or are you here just to bother us?”
[8:04] Meg Ronmark: “Thanks for your kind words and concern Miss,” Meg Ronmark smiles at the woman. “I’m afraid but, you do not have an obligation to take care of us in regard to reprogramming.”
[8:04] Cronus Kling smirks lightly looking to his right towards Vishous, then runs off to the roof
[8:05] Vishous Nightfire shakes her head and rolls her eyes, “Defensive and lacking… tell Kishi that I need to speak to her about buisness if you can handle that.. such a shame, not everyone is always here on bad intentions.. time you learn the difference..” she turns and walks off to go find Cronus.


[8:06] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski shakes his head “some people”
[8:06] Meg Ronmark: “What a blowtop.” Meg Ronmark breathes a sigh.


(me, Marc)

[8:09] Meg Ronmark: “Do you have a data node on your body, or a PDA with you?”
[8:09] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski: “I can receive files through Bluetooth”
[8:09] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski: “Search for Marc’sMBC connection”
[8:10] Meg Ronmark: “Alright and sorry, I think I’ve heard it before.” Meg Ronmark turns on her PDD.
[8:10] Portable Data Device: Initializing….
[8:10] Meg Ronmark: “OK I found the connection. Let me transmit you a data file wirelessly.”

私のPDD(Portable Data Device)からMarcにワイヤレスでデータを送信しました。データの中身はMeiliがContinuumを離脱する際の一部始終のレポートです。


(An intruder, me, Marc)


[8:23] Meg Ronmark: “Poor guy…..”
[8:23] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski: “Stupid human”
[8:24] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski takes out a metal container and unlocks it


[8:30] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski takes with Meg and saves on one of his small bags in his waist “Thanks”
[8:31] Meg Ronmark: “Most welcome, Marc. And I guess you thought I was acting too harsh toward Meili, but there was definitely a reason behind it.”
[8:33] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski nods “Yes i agree… but my intention was to have her as a spy for us… … i wasn’t really interested in having her with us just for been a cyber”
[8:34] Meg Ronmark nods. “I understand.” She puts the vial into her pocket. “I just needed to tell you this complicated background story. Security breach is one of which we are scared of most.”
[8:35] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski: “Yes.. we can not let her roam around the factory without supervision”
[8:36] Meg Ronmark: “Right, supervision…..that’s what is needed when she is around…..”


日によって波がありますが、この朝はまた訪問者の多い朝となりました。VishousがRK(Reckoning)の吸血鬼になっていたことを今回初めて知りました。Vishousは、ながくShadowsでLady of Shadowsをつとめてきた女性なのです。


~ by Meg Ronmark on October 3, 2009.

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