Toxia – machine spirit ~part 2~



(me, Gally)

Toxia Southに打ち捨てられている難破船の甲板で金属板を発見しましたが、私一人、徒歩では持ち帰って来れそうにないためメンバーのうち丁度近くにいたGallyに手助けを頼みました。バイクで南に向かいます。

[18:49] Meg Ronmark: “Thanks …. will you stay here or come with me? This is a two-seater type, you know.”
[18:49] Gally Dover grins wide. “I can come with?”
[18:50] Meg Ronmark: “Of course, if you like.” Meg Ronmark looks back at Gally over her right shoulder.
[18:51] Gally Dover nods, hoping on the bike. “Lets roll.”
[18:52] Meg Ronmark: “Alright, hold on tight!”
[18:52] Gally Dover holds on tight~

[19:24] Gally Dover hoists the rusty steel, following Meg. “Here?”
[19:25] Meg Ronmark: “Yes.” Meg Ronmark nods at Gally, then carefully puts the plate at the side of the depot.
[19:25] Gally Dover dusts her hands off, “That was fun~”
[19:26] Meg Ronmark: “Thank you for your help Gally, without your helping hand I could never bring this back here.”


最終的に工場にあるもので圧縮空気ボンベ(compressed air tank)と一定量のオイルを交換するという取引で合意に至ったのです。

[20:43] Blueray Darkes: “Fatal it’s classified but thank you for the trade”
[20:43] FatalXtacy Sideways: “Ahhh well I had to ask, ya know us kitties…always curious”
[20:43] Terrox Eracktor smirks, “No worries.”
[20:43] Terrox Eracktor reaches over and picks up the box of engine fluids

[20:51] Meg Ronmark: “Anyone there wanna have a ride back to the north?”
[20:52] Blueray Darkes: “Val needs to walk cos he needs to spew, I’m sticking around down here for hmm interesting things.”
[20:52] Meg Ronmark: “Okay, how about you Marc”
[20:52] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski: “I accept Meg”


[20:52] Blueray Darkes: “Stay safe you guys!!!”
[20:53] Meg Ronmark: “Likewise boss, later!”
[20:53] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski salutes
[20:53] Meg Ronmark: “Alright, hold on tight”
[20:53] Blueray Darkes bounces, “Aye aye”.
[20:54] MarcelezaG50 Marchlewski holds tight on Meg
[20:54] Meg Ronmark waves then starts the engine

中規模のroleplayだけあってドリルを作るまでなかなか時間がかかります。実際には、小道具としてのドリルは既にGM(Game Master)によって作られ、出番を待っている状態なのです。


~ by Meg Ronmark on September 22, 2009.

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