Dark Gothica – full dinner served

(Father/Gomi, me, Saleth, Fmeh in the tank)

前にも少し書きましたが、Dark GothicaのMegは若干嗜虐性をもったキャラクターにしていきたいと考えています。


私は男に対して、他のDark Gothica市民にも行う定常的な検査 – 簡易な健康状態・身体検査を行うことにしました。

[4:34] Meg Ronmark presses buttons on the control panel one by one. Watery light fills inside the tank.
[4:35] Tank: Initiating diagnosis process. Please wait ……
[4:36] Meg Ronmark notices Father’s arrival, turning to him. “Good early morning, Father.” Meg Ronmark smiles.
[4:36] Gomi Graves turns to Meg and smiles. “Hello, Meg! Good to see you.”


[4:37] Meg Ronmark looks into the tank. Watery light scans the man’s body, starting from his toes, moving to stomach, then chest, eventually to his head.
[4:37] Ethan narrows his eyes at such a large gathering ‘What’s going on?’
[4:39] Meg Ronmark waits until the tank spits out the diagnostic outcome paper.
[4:39] Tank: Process all completed.
[4:41] Meg Ronmark picks up a small paper with the diagnosis result, then turning to her fellow behind her reading it. ‘Well he is at least ….. in a good condition, no injuries found on his body. He is from vampiric origin.’


[4:54] Meg Ronmark says “Now what are we gonna do with him?”
[4:55] Gomi Graves studies the vampire. “Hmm. Good question, Meg.”
[4:55] Meg Ronmark feels a little dizzy, but tries her best to hold a straight face.
[4:55] Meg Ronmark walks around the vampire man, staring at him.
[4:58] Meg Ronmark digs in her pocket for a small vial. “Well how about to give him a shot of serum ……..” An evil grin emerges on her face.
[4:59] Gomi Graves: Hmm, yes, Meg, that’s not a bad idea.
[4:59] Gomi Graves grins.


(Back: Father/Gomi, Ryvre, Ethan, Saleth. Front: me, Fmeh)

[5:01] Meg Ronmark fills the injector with the content of vial. She licks her fingers sensually, then touches the vampire man’s scruff by them.
[5:01] Fmeh Tagore: “I let this machine do things to me–I figure it couldn’t be much worse.”
[5:02] Meg Ronmark whispers. “OK man you do not move until I finish this, or you’ll have holes on your body……” She puts her left hand on his shoulder.
[5:06] Meg Ronmark moves her left hand toward the man’s neck, and with her right hand she quickly gives a shot to him.

私は小瓶の中身 -自白剤- を注射器に詰め、自分の指を舐めると男のうなじをつうっと撫でました。『OK、私がこれを終わらせるまで動いては駄目よ…体に風穴を開けられたくなかったらね』 私は背後から左手で男の肩を抑えると、もう一方の手で素早く男の首もとに注射を行いました。

[5:13] Meg Ronmark turns at Saleth. “Ah I see. Okay literally he can’t tell lies to us until the serum effect dissapears, for two weeks from now. What would you like to do with this man?” Meg Ronmark tilts her head, looking up at Saleth’s face.
[5:14] Saleth looks to Meg and shrugs. “I’m just an Officer… how should I know what to do?”
[5:16] Meg Ronmark shrugs. “Then maybe we could keep him inside the lab, as a guinea pig for our future experiments. Besides it’s freezing out side, maybe it would be nice decision for him.”
[5:16] Fmeh Tagore: “I would rather not be a guinea pig.”
[5:17] Saleth: “Hmmm… probably we should implant a micropchip and send him to find friends… under the Hive’s eyes…”
[5:18] Meg Ronmark gives a chilly look at Fmeh. “I regret to tell you, but experiments are the main services given here. Unlucky you.”
[5:18] Fmeh Tagore: “That is unfortunate.”
[5:19] Meg Ronmark signals her eyes at Saleth. “That’s a good idea, man.”


(me, Fmeh, Father/Gomi, Ryvre)


[5:37] Meg Ronmark waits until the anesthesia brings about an effect on Fmeh.
[5:37] Fmeh Tagore: *snores*
[5:38] Meg Ronmark steps closer to the bed, putting the microchip on the table.
[5:39] Meg Ronmark kneels down a little, looking at Fmeh’s temple. Below the medtable she takes out a micro drill, then puts it onto the table as well.
[5:39] Ethan frowns “What exactly do you intend on doing to him?”
[5:40] Meg Ronmark prepares a strong local anesthesia injection and give a shot at Fmeh’s right temple. “Just as Saleth said. I’m trying to implant this microchip into his head. Then we’ll release him, but we can trace his whereabouts.”
[5:41] Ethan pats a paw on his leg “Fair enough…”
[5:41] Meg Ronmark then rubs hemostat ointment around his temple, which enables her bloodless implanting operation.
[5:43] Meg Ronmark creates a very small hole on Fmeh’s temple, then puts the chip carefully into his head. She puts a small patch onto the affected part.
[5:44] Meg Ronmark rubs Fmeh’s temple with a gauze. She starts to clean up all the tools she used during the process.
[5:45] Meg Ronmark shrugs. “All done.” She step a little back from the table. “He should wake up in the meantime……”
[5:48] Meg Ronmark spanks Fmeh’s ass hard. “Man, are you gonna sleep all day??”
[5:48] Fmeh Tagore: “Whoohooo! What the hell?”
[5:49] Meg Ronmark quickly steps backward, grinning.
[5:52] Meg Ronmark turns to Fmeh. “You served our purpose. Don’t ask what I mean, now get lost, man. Go wherever you like.”



身体検査-自白剤投与-マイクロチップ埋め込み、とEye-Hiveお得意の怪しい作業を三つ立て続けに行いました。三つの作業全て、裏ではprivate IMでFmehと話をしながらRPをすすめました。身体検査については検査結果として周囲に伝えられることを彼から聞き出し、自白剤投与とマイクロチップ埋め込みについてはそういったRPを行って良いかどうかの承諾を彼から事前に得た上で、自白剤の効果とマイクロチップの役割をOOC情報として彼に話しています。



~ by Meg Ronmark on December 29, 2008.

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